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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Create an Instant Experience ad

You can take advantage of Facebook's Instant Experiences to attract and emotionally engage your audience with your ads on mobile. Instant Experiences are Facebook's full-screen mobile experience that open from ads in the News Feed to reveal immersive multimedia experiences that engage users in a unique way. See Facebook's help article About Instant Experience to learn more.

You can use Instant Experience ads in External Website, Brand Awareness and Mobile App Install campaigns. Note that because Instant Experiences are designed for mobile devices, Instant Experience ads only support placement in the Mobile Feed. You cannot use Instant Experience ads with carousel format.

Before you can create a campaign using Instant Experiences in Hootsuite Ads, you need to create your Instant Experiences and connect them to your ad account on Facebook. See Facebook's article Create a Custom Instant Experience to learn more.

Create an Instant Experience ad

  1. On the Hootsuite Ads home page, select New campaign.
  2. On the Facebook tab, enter a name for your campaign and select an ad account.
  3. In the What do you want to promote? section, select External Website, Brand Awareness, or Mobile App Install, and then select Proceed.
  4. On the Ads Design page, select Facebook Instant Experiencein the Link Target field.
    Image/video with pictures and facebook instant experience link target selected.
  5. Select the Facebook Instant Experience you want to use from the list.
  6. In the Goal Tracking section, select how you want to measure goal conversions for your campaign.
  7. Select Proceed and complete your campaign set up as usual.

You can also use Instant Experiences to create ad templates for future campaigns. See Build campaigns with Facebook ad templates for more information.


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