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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Create a carousel ad

With carousel ads, you can feature up to 10 different products or stories, with their own images or videos, links, headlines, and descriptions, in a single ad. You can use carousel ads in a variety of campaign types, including External Website, Lead Generation, Dynamic Product Ad, Local Awareness, Brand Awareness, Mobile App Install, and Mobile App Engagement campaigns.

  1. In Legacy Hootsuite Ads, select New campaign, enter a campaign name, select your ad account, and then select your campaign objective.
  2. Select Proceed.
  3. On the Ads Design page, select Carousel in the Ad Format section. The design form updates for you to add your creative elements for each product in the carousel.
    Ads design with carousel highlighted.
  4. Specify the text you want to appear above the carousel ad. You can enter more than one ad text for split testing.
  5. In the Items section, select Yes or No for Creative Optimization.
    • Select Yes to let Facebook optimize for the best elements, and automatically select and order the cards in your carousel ad. You can add up to 10 cards to your ad with this selection.
    • Select No to choose the card order yourself. You can add up to five cards to your ad with this selection.
  6. Select a card to upload an image or video, and enter its headline, URL, description and Call To Action.
    To upload a video, you first need to scroll to thePlacement & Previews section and deselect the Instagram and Messenger Home placement options.
    New campaign showing the items section.
  7. Select Add Item to add more cards. You must include at least two cards in your carousel ad.
  8. When you have provided the creative for each card, review the entire carousel in the Placement & Previews section.
  9. Select Proceed and complete your campaign set up as usual.


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