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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Connect your Facebook account to Ads

You can create, publish, and manage your Facebook ad campaigns in Hootsuite Ads. After you connect your Facebook account to Hootsuite Ads, you can import your Facebook ad accounts and Pages. You must connect your account to manage your ads and ad campaigns, and track campaign performance through Hootsuite Ads.

You must be a Hootsuite Ads admin to add or remove Facebook ad accounts from Hootsuite Ads. Subusers cannot add or remove accounts.

Note:Hootsuite Ads can only establish connections to Facebook through individual Facebook user accounts, and not through Facebook Pages. We don't collect profile information, friends lists, or messages, but we require a user to accept the permissions to confirm that a real person has granted Hootsuite Ads access to their advertising assets.

Connect your Facebook account

  1. When you sign in to Hootsuite Ads for the first time, Hootsuite prompts you to connect your accounts. Select Connect Facebook Accounts. Or, to add additional accounts, navigate to the Facebook ad accounts page in your Settings and select Add new Facebook ad accounts.
  2. If you're not already signed in to Facebook, enter your Facebook login credentials.
  3. Select Continue as (profile name).
  4. Select Choose what you allow if you don't want Hootsuite Ads to import all the Facebook Pages that your Facebook account has access to.
    Sample profile with Choose what you allow highlighted.
  5. Clear the check box next to any Page that you do not want imported into Hootsuite Ads.
    Leave all other toggles for allowing ads and business manager access enabled so that Hootsuite Ads can publish your ads to your Facebook Pages and ad accounts.
    The what you allow settings with two pages selected and highlighted.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Select Continue to authorize the connection to Facebook.
    • If you have permissions to manage ten or fewer ad accounts, they are automatically added to Hootsuite Ads. For more information, see .
    • If you have permissions to manage more than ten ad accounts, Hootsuite displays a list of ad accounts associated with the Facebook profile. Select the check box to the left of the ad account(s) you want to manage in Hootsuite Ads, and then select Add Facebook ad accounts.
  8. Select Continue, and then select Start managing your ads.

Hootsuite automatically imports your active Facebook campaigns, and any campaigns completed in the past year, so you can create reports with the historic data. Imported campaigns do not count against your plan's ad spend limit.

Hootsuite Ads does not make any changes to your Facebook campaigns automatically. We require your authorization to manage your Facebook Pages because ads are simply Facebook Page posts that get promoted.

Add a new Facebook ad account

If you want to add another Facebook ad account in Hootsuite Ads, make sure you are signed in to Facebook with the credentials (business or personal) associated with the account that has access to the specific ad account you want to add. 

  1. In Hootsuite Ads, select the Facebook Ad Accounts tab.
  2. Select Add New Facebook Ad Accounts.
  3. Check the box beside the Facebook ad account you want to add, and then select Add.

Remove a Facebook account

When you delete a Facebook ad account, Hootsuite Ads removes all associated data from Hootsuite. This action does not remove any data from Facebook. All your campaigns and custom audiences are still be available in Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. In Hootsuite Ads, select the Facebook Ad Accounts tab.
  2. Check the Delete box beside the Facebook ad account you want to delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the Facebook ad account.


If you are having issues connecting your Facebook account, check the following

  • The account is already connected to Hootsuite Ads: A Facebook account can only be connected to one Hootsuite Ads account at a time. If you work with an agency, they might be using Hootsuite Ads too.
  • Unexpected Error: This usually indicates a temporary glitch connecting to Facebook. Try to connect again 10 or 20 minutes.


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