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  Article updated: December 21, 2023

Automatically promote your Facebook Page in Ads

Legacy Hootsuite Ads can automatically promote your Facebook posts for you. You define the kinds of Facebook Page posts that you want to promote and then publish the campaign. As the campaign runs, Hootsuite automatically boosts any new Page content that fits the criteria that you have defined.

Legacy Hootsuite Ads does not support split testing targets for automatic post promotion campaigns. These campaigns have only one adset.

Create an automatic Page post promotion campaign

  1. On the Legacy Hootsuite Ads home page, select New campaign.
  2. On the Facebook tab, enter a name for your campaign and select an ad account.
  3. In the Popular Campaign Types section, select Promote your posts in the Automatic Post Promotion box.
  4. Select your Facebook Page from the list, and then select Automatically promote Latest Post.
  5. Define which posts you want Hootsuite to boost automatically:
    • Select the type of post you want to promote (Link posts, status posts, photo, video, or all) and how many days to promote it.
    • Promote posts that contain specific links (to your own website). In the link keyword field, include part of the actual URL for your website, even if you use link shorteners in your posts. Legacy Hootsuite Ads still recognizes and matches links to the original URL if you use a link shortener.
    • Promote posts that have specific keywords in their text, like a hashtag.
    • Promote posts that have good organic reach with a certain number of likes, shares or comments.
      Note: Due to a Facebook limitation, only posts from the previous three months are eligible for promotion through Legacy Hootsuite Ads. Posts that are older than three months are not eligible for promotion.
    Facebook does not permit boosting of certain types of posts, like shared posts. See this Facebook help article for more information.
  6. Select Validate your post filters.
    Promote options showing validate your post filters.

Once your campaign is live, you can edit all the settings of your Automatic Page post promotion campaign from the campaign’s dashboard. Legacy Hootsuite Ads does not support ad cloning and editing for automatic post promotion campaigns.

Hootsuite typically checks for new FacebookPage posts every couple of hours. If Legacy Hootsuite Ads automatically promotes them, they still need to go through Facebook's ad approval process, so Facebook could reject some boosted posts. If Facebook disapproves an ad, your original post still remains published and continues to get organic views.

You can also create automatic post promotion campaigns with the Hootsuite Ads app, in Hootsuite.


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