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  Article updated: October 18, 2021

Hootsuite Academy educator FAQ

What is Hootsuite’s Student Program?

Hootsuite's Student Program provides educators and their students access to free Hootsuite Academy courseware (Hootsuite Platform and Social Marketing), free Hootsuite access, free Hootsuite Platform Certification ($99 value), and free Social Marketing Certification ($199 value).

How do I enroll my class in the program?

To enroll your class in the Student Program, please apply online at Complete the application form and someone from our team will be in contact.

Who is eligible for the Student Program?

Educators worldwide who are part of an accredited higher educational institution are welcomed to apply.

Can I enroll late arrival students in the program, past the initial enrollment?

Additional students can be added, but we’ll need to know how many more students you plan to add to your class so we can keep it on file for our records. Please email to notify.

Can I enroll my class more than once?

Yes classes can be enrolled more than once, but please submit an application for each class, every semester, online here. To provide the free certification we need to keep track of your class on the back end for our records.

My students are having technical issues, what should we do?

Having a technical issue? You can tweet us @hootsuite_help or connect with us online:

Why are my students being asked to enter credit card details to complete the platform certification?

There is an option to enter a coupon code at the checkout which should bring the balance to zero.

  1. Click Have a coupon?, enter your coupon code, and then click Apply.
  2. Confirm that your order reflects a free Hootsuite Platform Certification and click Enroll Now.

Please note, this coupon code is provided after the student signs themselves up through the student links that were sent after your class was confirmed.

My class has been accepted into the Student Program. How do I enroll my class? What do students need to do?

Educators will be sent a welcome email from the Student Program team with instructions on how to enroll students in the program. Students will be required to complete 2 steps:

  1. Enroll themselves in the Student Program through the link provided in the educator welcome email under “To onboard your students” (this is to receive the coupon code to take the Hootsuite Platform and Social Marketing certifications at no charge).
  2. Watch and complete the Hootsuite Platform and Social Marketing courseware on Hootsuite Academy (which will also prompt them to create a free Hootsuite dashboard account if they don’t already have one).

Can educators take the Hootsuite Platform and Social Marketing certifications at no charge?

Yes, you are welcome to complete the certifications and please follow the same steps outlined in the educator welcome email under “To onboard your students”.

Are the Hootsuite Academy and Hootsuite account logins the same?

Yes, we have a new single sign-on function in place as of October 5, 2016. When you sign in to Hootsuite Academy for the first time, you will be prompted to create a free Hootsuite dashboard account which will provide you access to the courseware and certifications.

However, if your account was created before October 5, you will need to use the alternative sign in option, enter your email and password for your existing Academy or Podium account, and then click Sign in.