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  Article updated: March 19, 2023

Measure your return on investment with ROI Analysis in Impact (Legacy)

Important: This article applies to the previous version of Impact. For the most recent Impact information, see Track your spend and return with ROI analysis in Impact.

The ROI Analysis view helps you analyze and measure the social return on investment (ROI) for your social accounts. You can analyze results for individual or all social accounts. The ROI values shown are completely customizable and unique to you.

Plans: Enterprise customers with Hootsuite Impact. ROI Analysis is not available to customers with Hootsuite Impact Starter.

Understanding social lift and roi analysis with hootsuite impact video.

Open ROI Analysis in Impact

  1. Go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact. Impact opens in a new tab.
  2. Select Impact App.
  3. Select ROI Analysis.

Note: Your ROI Analysis report is already configured for you to give you an accurate picture of which of your social efforts are driving your ROI. If you want to customize it and add different metrics or goals, please contact your customer account manager.

View your ROI results

You can customize the date range for all the data displayed in the ROI dashboard using the calendar.

ROI Breakdown

View your ROI performance broken down per account and see which accounts are driving your ROI. Organic and paid accounts are combined.

Select a social account to see the events that have contributed to your ROI within the selected time frame. The breakdowns per account include the number of significant events (including Google Analytics goal completions and e-commerce revenue), the effective ROI attributed to each action, and the total ROI collected from those events during the selected time frame.

Gross ROI

View a graph of your ROI over time. Point to the graph’s plot points to view the social accounts that contributed ROI on that date.

Select Show Connection Filters to change the accounts displayed in the graph.


The second graph displays the expenses on your ad accounts during the selected timeframe. Note that the amount is displayed in the currency you use for your ad account.

Total Return

Your Total Return summary report displays each of the social metrics important to you for each platform, and the ROI they contributed during the selected timeframe.

Select the platform filter to change the accounts displayed in the report.

Select Export, and then select Download as CSV to export the Total Return report to a CSV format.


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