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  Article updated: March 19, 2023

Understand your results with Recommendations in Impact (Legacy)

Important: This article applies to the previous version of Impact. For the most recent Impact information, see Get started with Hootsuite Impact.

With Recommendations, you can get suggestions to help you meet your social media goals. Use Recommendations for each social account to optimize your content and ad spend strategies.

Plans: Enterprise customers with full Hootsuite Impact. Recommendations is not available to customers with Hootsuite Impact Starter.

Recommendations looks at two factors:

  • A/B testing - Hootsuite Impact can suggest you try a post topic that scores in second place but has chances of providing better results. Varying the themes of your posts can increase ROI.
  • Your historical data - Hootsuite Impact runs an optimization algorithm on your last 30 days of data. It analyzes the funnel leading up to the action or goal you are optimizing for, and determines what has given you the best results in the past.

Open Recommendations in Impact

  1. Go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact. Impact opens in a new tab.
  2. Select Impact App.
  3. Select Recommendations.

Get recommendations

  1. Select a social account.
  2. Select Select a Connection, and then and select a social profile from the list. Content or spending recommendations display for the profile you select.

Try testing out different recommendations for two-week periods for example, so that the Recommendations module can take that data into account when looking at what gives you the best ROI.

Experiment with the following to find your most effective strategy:

Number of Posts

Is it more effective to post frequently or infrequently throughout the day? Experiment by posting twice one day and 5 times the next. You can slide the scale and then select Update on the Recommended Number of Posts tile to update the number of posts. The rest of the recommendation tiles will update accordingly.

Character Length

Publish long, narrative posts and shorter, pithier ones to see which perform better with your audience.

Time of Day

Is your audience more receptive to posts early in the morning or later at night? Schedule your posts for different times of day to see which are the most effective.

Day of the Week

Are posts over the weekend more effective than ones in the middle of the week? Try posting every day of the week and Impact will help identify your most successful day.

Content Mix

Publish a mix of link, photo, and video posts and Impact will identify which are the most effective.


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