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  Article updated: May 22, 2023

Removal of Assignments - December, 2022

In December 2022, we’ll be removing Assignments from all Hootsuite accounts. Assignments has served our customers well throughout the years, but based on customer feedback, we’ve decided that it’s past its prime. Assignments is not available for Hootsuite accounts created after July 7, 2022.

You have an excellent alternative for delegating posts and messages and collaborating with colleagues.

Use Hootsuite Inbox

While Assignments only supports Facebook and Twitter, Inbox lets you assign messages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, making it even easier to delegate tasks and work efficiently. You can also see threaded conversations, which gives you a more complete view than Assignments.

We know that many of our customers like using Assignments to assign messages to themselves from Streams. To meet this need, we built the Saved items feature. Saved items works like a set of bookmarks. It’s a place where you can store (or “assign”) messages now, and return to them later to view or interact with them. Learn how to save an item for later.

To use Inbox for team assignments, we recommend that you start setting up assignment rules in Inbox well before December 2022. Read Automate assignments and tags to learn how to assign incoming conversation threads to specific teams or team members in Inbox. You can also manually assign individual conversations.


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