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  Article updated: March 19, 2023

Connect a Google Analytics account to Impact

Use Google Analytics with Hootsuite Impact to find out which organic posts, ads, and pages drive the most website traffic or customer conversions. You can then use that information to improve your social media and content strategy.

Plans: Enterprise members with Hootsuite Impact

Google Analytics tracks a customer journey from clicks on a link in your social organic post or ads, to visiting your website, to completing a conversion. Conversions are actions that you want customers to take, such as visiting a specific page on your website, subscribing to your email newsletter, or purchasing a product or service.

Configure your Google Analytics account

Make sure you’ve already set up your Google Analytics account.

Important: Hootsuite Impact supports the current version of Google Analytics - Universal Analytics (GA 3). We don't currently support Google Analytics 4.

To set up a Google Analytics account and configure it to work with Impact, do the following:

  1. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website. For more information, visit the Google Marketing Platform.
  2. Create Google Goals for each social media conversion event you want to track. For information, see the Google help article Create, edit, and share goals.
  3. If you sell products on your website, set up e-commerce tracking. For information, see the Google help article Set up e-commerce tracking.
  4. Add UTM tags to the links in your posts to allow Google Analytics to track the traffic and site activity coming from those links. See Apply a UTM parameter to a link.
  5. Add exceptions for the following Hootsuite Impact IP addresses to allow Google Analytics to capture the full destination URL and UTMs from the links you share on social.
    • Ports: 80 and 443

Adding these exceptions allows Impact to collect Google Analytics attribution data from your links. It also lets the Hootsuite Impact Auto-tagger correctly assign tags based on the metadata in your links. For more information, see Analyze your campaigns with auto-tagger in Impact.

Connect your Google Analytics account to Impact

Connect Google Analytics to Impact and start seeing your results.

  1. Sign out of your Google Analytics accounts.
  2. Go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact. Impact opens in a new tab.
  3. Select Connections, and then select Add New Connection.
  4. Select Google Analytics, and then select Authorize+Connect Google Analytics.
  5. Follow the prompts to authorize and connect to Hootsuite Impact.

Important: After connecting your Google Analytics account or changing your Google Goals, your connection requires account configuration. Please reach out to your customer account manager to start this process.

View your Google Analytics data in Impact

You can find data from your Google Analytics connection in the following places in Impact:

  • Advertising performance - Find out how your campaigns, ad sets, and ads drive website visits, page views, or other goal conversions.
  • Impact content - Identify which organic posts are driving the most website visits, page views, or other goal conversions.
  • ROI analysis - See which organic pages and ad accounts are directing the most traffic to your website.
  • Content comparison - Compare campaigns to identify those that took the most customers from social to your website.
  • Reports - Create reports with both social and web analytics data to see the results of your social efforts.


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