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  Article updated: June 02, 2023

Create a report in Impact

Important: We're saying goodbye to Impact - and hello to Hootsuite Advanced Analytics. Read all about this change and what you, as an Impact customer, need to do here: Changes to Impact and Analytics - Summer 2023.

Create presentation-ready reports to track, analyze, and share your social performance. With reports, you can monitor your organic and paid results across your social pages, ad accounts, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics.

Plans: Enterprise members with Hootsuite Impact

Get started with a report template

Impact provides a variety of pre-built report templates to choose from. Each one includes a description and a list of the key metrics to make report creation easy. You can add or remove metrics from any report to customize it to your needs.

  1. Go to Analytics and select New report.
    Analytics navigation with new report button highlighted.
  2. Select from one of the following report categories on the left:
    • Impact - Analyze results and track return on investment (ROI) for your organic, paid, and dark social media posts. Open the list below to find out more about what you can analyze in each Impact report template.
    • Ad Analytics - Measure engagement and results for your ads and campaigns.
  3. Select a report template, and then select Create report. The report is automatically generated and displayed for you to view or configure.

Create a custom report

If you’re familiar with metrics or just want to track your own specific results, you have the option to create a custom report.

  1. In Analytics, select New report.
  2. Select Custom report from the categories on the left, and then select Create report.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Impact - View all the metrics available in the Impact metrics library.
    • Ad analytics - View the metrics available to analyze campaigns and ads.
      Add a new metric page with Impact and Ad analytics options highlighted.
  4. Select Add to add a metric to your report. When you have finished adding metrics, close the Add a new metric window. Find out more about adding metrics to a report.

Customize your report

Edit report templates to display the data that matters to you. For example, you can track and analyze ad and campaign results for a specific date range

Open an Impact or ad performance report and start customizing it.

When you’re ready to share or schedule an email export of your ad performance report, see:

Get to the reports you use most

Your reports and report views are yours to customize. You can pin or unpin reports to the My reports section of the left navigation so you can quickly access them again and again. You can also move pins whenever you like.

  • To pin a report, go to All reports, open a report, select More actions, and then select Pin.
  • To move or unpin a report, point to a pinned report in the left navigation and select the pin to move or unpin the report.


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