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  Article updated: July 20, 2023

Add a TikTok stream

Create streams for monitoring activity on your own content from your connected TikTok accounts. Streams help you keep an eye on engagement with your posts. To learn more about streams, see Overview of Streams.

For more about using TikTok with Hootsuite, watch Managing TikTok with Hootsuite.

Create a new streams board

  1. Select New board, and then select Monitor my own content.

  2. Select your TikTok account, and add your video stream.

Note: TikTok Photo Mode posts are not included in streams.

Add a stream

Add a stream to a new or existing board (boards have a limit of 10 streams).

  1. Go to Streams .
  2. Create or select the board that will host the stream.
  3. Select Add stream.
  4. Select a TikTok account.
  5. Select your My Videos stream.


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