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  Article updated: February 21, 2023

Manage language detection

Audience: Inbox 2.0 admins

Inbox 2.0 supports more than 60 languages. When a message comes in, Inbox 2.0 detects the language and adds it to the person’s contact attributes (agents can also add a language manually). The Inbox 2.0 language detection settings also let you do the following:

Language detection makes it possible to do the following:

  • Route conversations to teams with specific language skills.
  • Use auto responders that respond to contacts in their language.
  • Send customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys in a contact’s language.
  • Store a contact’s language in your CRM.
  • Run reports based on specific languages.

Language detection is disabled by default. You can enable it and choose which languages to detect automatically by using the following steps. For the best experience, we recommend selecting 10 languages or fewer.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings, expand Routing and automation, and then select Language detection.
  2. Use the toggle to turn language detection on, select the languages you want, and then select Add.

An AI language engine processes customer messages. If the engine doesn't have enough content to determine the language with the first message, it tries again on the second message. An agent can also manually set the language.

Example 1: Success on the first message

Success on the first message (Example 1)
MessageLanguage detection
1. “Hello, I have a question about my invoice. Can you please help me out?”97.5% English. Language set to English.

Example 2: Success on the third message

Success on the 2nd message (Example 2)
MessageLanguage detection
1. “Hi.”Will not be processed. The message is too short. (A minimum of 25 characters is required.)
2. “Hello, I have a question about an invoice.”87.8% English. The message is still below the required certainty threshold of 90%.
3. “Can you please explain why the amount is higher than last month? It seems to me that some additional charges have been applied.”99.3% English. Language set to English.


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