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  Article updated: December 04, 2023

Track agents availability with away states

Away states allow your agents to set their availability. You can use away states to you better track how your agents record their time when they aren't working with contacts. Review away state data to gain insight into agent productivity, help with forecasting, and create a foundation for reports.

Audience: Enterprise Inbox 2.0 admins with Advanced Inbox. Want more Hootsuite features? Upgrade your plan.

The status menu with sample away state options.

Add an away state

Away states are global, so you don't need to create them for each channel.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Agent workspace, and then select Away states.
  3. Select Add away state and give the away state a name. Names can have up to 25 characters.
Note: After you’ve created at least one custom away state, the default Away is no longer an option. If you turn off all custom away states, the default Available and Away states appear.

Edit or delete an away state

Point to the actions area next to an away state and select Edit or Delete . Away state data remains available in reports after you delete an away state.

Report on away state data

Create a User Presence export to better understand how teams are spending their time when they're not working with customers. Learn how to export Inbox 2.0 data in Analytics.


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