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  Article updated: March 19, 2023

Use saved replies in Inbox 2.0

Audience: Inbox 2.0 agents

The Saved replies tab stores pre-written responses to common questions and issues that you can send to contacts to save time. They include a few words or sentences (sometimes called “canned responses”) that you can edit before sending.

You can use collections of responses that have been shared with your team, or you can create your own personal collection of responses.

Add snippets to conversations

  1. Within an active conversation, select the Saved replies tab on the right.
  2. Expand a collection.
  3. Hover over a snippet to show a preview.
  4. Select the snippet to paste it into the Reply box.

Create a personal snippet

Personal snippets are visible and accessible only to you.

  1. On the Saved replies tab, expand Personal collection, and then select Add snippet.
  2. Enter a title and compose your new snippet, and then select Save.

Your new snippet is added to your personal collection. You may store up to 20 snippets in your collection at a time.


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