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  Article updated: June 29, 2022

Manage Hootdesk team queue permissions

Audience: Hootdesk admins

You can control the types of changes team members can make to filters and sort order.

  1. In Hootdesk, select Admin settings, expand Queue, select Team settings, and then select Edit next to the team you want to manage.
  2. Select the actions you want to allow:
    • Use the active channels filter - Allows agents to filter by the channels they have access to. If this check box is cleared, all channels are always active for agents in this team.
    • Use any of the queue filters - Allows agents to use any of the queue filters. If this check box is cleared, the default filter settings are used and agents can see all unowned and owned conversations. Conversations owned by other team members are not visible.
    • Change the sorting order of the queue - Allows agents to change the sort order of conversations in the queue. If this check box is cleared, you can also select a default sort order.

      The editng options for agents in a team.


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