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  Article updated: February 21, 2023

Manage business hours

Audience: Inbox 2.0 admins

Business hours are the hours that agents are scheduled to be available. Business hours are also required for a variety of important calculations in Inbox 2.0, including SLA policies. Each channel can have its own set of business hours, with multiple shifts.

Important: If you don't configure business hours, the system assumes that your business or organization is available 24/7.

To add a set of business hours:

  1. In Inbox 2.0 , select Admin settings, expand Channels and business hours, select Business hours, and then select Add business hours.
  2. Enter a name, select a time zone, and select business hours for each day of the week. You can add multiple shifts per day.
  3. Under Apply to channels, select the channels you want to apply these business hours to, and then select Save.
Note: You can only assign one set of business hours per channel.

Business hours are also required to:

  • Create auto responder scripts for during and outside of the times your agents are available. See Use auto responders in Inbox 2.0.
  • Calculate first response times and SLA calculations. See Manage SLA policies.
  • Generate the Open conversations and Resolved conversations data exports.


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