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  Article updated: September 18, 2023

Set up automatic responses

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Auto responders are virtual agents (VA) that automatically send pre-written scripts to contacts on direct messaging channels. These can help save time gathering common information from contacts until a human agent is needed to take over the conversation.

Add an auto responder

Create your own auto responders and set how you want them to respond.

  1. In Inbox 2.0 , select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Virtual agents, and then select Auto responders.
  3. Select Add auto responder.
  4. Enter a name. In the conversation view, you'll see the name followed by VA for virtual agent.
  5. Select from the following activation options:
    • Inception - Automatically picks up any private conversations that start in the channels it has access to. If a human agent is required, it moves the conversation to the New queue. If no human assistance is needed, it resolves the conversation.
    • Delegation - Doesn't automatically pick up conversations. A human agent delegates the conversation to the VA, at which point it takes over. If a human agent is required, it uses the Handoff rule to decide whether to send the conversation to the New queue or the previous agent.

    • Note: To prevent conflicts, a channel can only have one inception virtual agent. Multiple delegation agents can have access to the same channel.
  6. When a timeout occurs, the conversation is “handed off” to either the New or Resolved queue. Set the following timeout rules:
    • Timeout virtual agent - When the VA stops responding, this is the maximum time (up to one hour) to wait before handoff.
    • Timeout contact - When the contact stops responding, this is the maximum time (up to 23 hours) to wait before handoff.
  7. Add scripts in multiple languages for both during and outside of business hours. Scripts can be general questions, questions that collect contact attribute data, or statements. See the following script examples:
    • Question - Would you please provide a brief description of what we can help you with? (Contact type = none.)
    • Question - Contact Attribute - Thanks for reaching out to us! To help serve you better, may I please have your email address? (Contact type = email.) Use this option to collect contact attributes. The VA asks the contact for information, waits for a response, and then moves on to the next question in the script.
    • Statement - Thank you. An agent will be with you shortly. (Contact type = none.)
  8. Scroll down to the Channel access section and select the channels where this auto responder can be used.

To add your own script translation to an auto responder, under Scripts, select the Add translation tab, and then choose a language from the list.

You can add scripts for both during and outside of regular business hours. Learn more about setting business hours.


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