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  Article updated: June 08, 2022

Set Hootdesk queue preferences

Audience: Hootdesk admins

The Preferences page gives you a few admin options for controlling how conversations are handled in the queue, including:

  • Using an admin boomerang to set all conversations in the Pending queue back to the New queue after a specified amount of time
  • Automatically resolving all conversations from the New or Pending queues after a specified amount of time
  • Displaying an icon on items in the queue that are waiting for a first response

To find these options, go to Admin settings, expand Queue, and then select Preferences. These options are described in further detail in the following sections.


You can set a default system boomerang for all conversations in the Pending queue. Select this check box to set how much time conversations can spend in the Pending queue before being automatically moved back to the New queue.

The Boomerang section of the Preferenes page.

Note: This is a different kind of boomerang than the ones agents can set for conversation follow-up. For information about boomerangs in the agent workspace, see Manage conversations in Hootdesk.

Auto-resolve conversations

All conversations in the New or Pending queues that are older than 30 days are automatically resolved. You can reduce this default time, and you can also specify a resolve reason.

The Auto-resolve conversations section of the Preferenes page.

These settings apply to all new conversations. When you make changes, conversations already in the New or Pending queues retain the settings applied when they arrived in the queue.

Note: Auto-resolve settings applied at the channel level override the default settings applied on the Preferences page. To apply channel-specific auto-resolve settings, go to Admin settings, expand Channels and business hours, select Channels, and then select Edit next to the channel you want to edit. Learn more about managing channels.

Queue display

Under Queue display, you can choose to display an icon (an orange dot) in the queue on messages that haven’t been responded to. You can also choose whether to see truncated message previews from human agents only or both human and virtual agents.

The Queue display section of the Preferenes page.


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