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  Article updated: May 02, 2022

Boost an Instagram post

Boosted posts are paid ads that you create from existing Instagram posts. When you put money behind your high-performing posts, Meta shows them to more people. Promoting your posts on Instagram can get you more engagement and more Instagram followers.

You can only boost posts from your Instagram Business account. Meta doesn’t support boosting posts from Instagram personal accounts.

Before you begin

Boosted posts are a form of paid advertising, so you need to add an ad account to Hootsuite that’s associated with your Instagram Business account. For instructions on how to add an account, check out our article on Manage ad accounts in Hootsuite.

If you don’t have an ad account for your Instagram Business account yet, see Facebook’s help article on adding an Instagram account to your Business Manager.

Boost your Instagram posts

Follow these steps to boost an Instagram post.

  1. Go to Advertise, and then select Instagram Boost.
  2. Select Find a post to Boost to see a list of your organic Instagram posts. Keep in mind that it can take up to two hours for new posts to show up in Hootsuite.
  3. Choose the post you want to promote, and select Boost next to it.
  4. In the Boost settings window, select the ad account you want Meta to charge for the boosted post, and select Save.
  5. Enter the rest of your Boost settings.
    • Choose an objective (engagement, video views, or reach). Meta uses this information to show your post to people who are likely to take the action you want.
    • Choose your audience. If you want to customize the audience, select Edit and specify which attributes to target, like location, gender, age, and interests.
    • Choose whether you want Meta to promote your Instagram post on Facebook, or just Instagram.
    • Set your budget and the length of your promotion.
  6. Select Boost on Instagram.
Tip: You can boost a post from other areas in Hootsuite.
  • In an Instagram stream, select Boost post on the post and then enter your Boost settings.
  • In Composer, select your Instagram Business account, select Promote this post, and then enter your Boost settings.
  • In Planner, select a scheduled post, select Edit to open it in Composer, and then enter your Boost settings.

Review Instagram Boost campaign performance

You can review performance metrics for your boosted Instagram posts at any time.

  1. Go to Advertise, and then select Instagram Boost.
  2. Select an ad account from the list to see all Instagram Boost campaigns associated with it.
  3. Optionally, filter the campaign list by campaign status.
  4. For each boosted post, you can review specific metrics like reach, amount spent, and engagement.
  5. Select See Post on Instagramto view the post on Instagram.


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