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  Article updated: March 11, 2022

Share vanity URL access in composer (Legacy)

An organization’s vanity URLs are accessible to all members by default in Composer. To access a vanity URL in the legacy composer, an organization super admin needs to share it at the team level.

Before sharing access to a vanity URL, see Set up a vanity URL to add it to your Hootsuite organization.

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Account settings, preferences, and billing.
    Account settings, preferences, and billing highlighted in the My profile menu
  2. Select Vanity URLs from the Account & Settings list.
  3. Select Share beside the vanity URL.
  4. Select which teams can use the vanity URL in the legacy composer.

If a vanity URL is still not showing up in the legacy composer, a super admin should check the team settings using the following steps:

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Manage accounts and teams.
  2. Select Teams in the organization, and then select the team you want to share the vanity URL with from the list of teams.
  3. Select the Team Settings tab.
  4. Select the box beside the vanity URL, and then select Save Changes.


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