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  Article updated: December 13, 2021

Troubleshoot receiving messages in Inbox

If you’re not seeing certain messages, or any messages, in Inbox, there could be a few possible causes.

You just recently connected your social accounts

As soon as you connect social accounts to Hootsuite, you’ll start seeing new messages, comments, and mentions in Inbox. However, you will not see any messages sent before your accounts were connected to Hootsuite.

You need to reconnect a social account

To ensure that Facebook Page messages, Instagram comments, messages, and mentions, and LinkedIn comments appear in Inbox, you might need to reconnect those accounts as an account admin.

See Reconnect a social account to learn how.

Important: When reconnecting Facebook and Instagram, make sure to give Hootsuite permissions to manage your Facebook Page. If you don’t grant all permissions, your account could be in a state of constant disconnection.

Instagram needs access to messages

Message access must be turned ON in Instagram to allow messages to be delivered to Hootsuite Inbox.

In your Instagram mobile app Settings, select Privacy, select Messages, and under Connected Tools, make sure Allow Access to Messages is toggled on.


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