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  Article updated: March 24, 2022

Report on your ad and campaign performance

Track and analyze the effectiveness of your ads and campaigns using our built-in Ad Analytics reports. You can create, customize, share, and schedule exports of your reports on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter ad performance.

Plans: You must be a Business or Enterprise plan member with Impact to access this feature.

Create an ad performance report

Hootsuite provides a variety of built-in report templates to measure engagement and results for your ads and campaigns.

The report templates help you see how your ad campaigns contribute to your business goals. Each template tracks specific metrics that most closely match three key stages in the customer journey (that is, the stages that people go through when interacting with your brand):

  • Awareness: How many people have viewed your ads.
  • Consumption: How many people have engaged with your ads.
  • Intent: How many people have taken an action (visited your website or online shop, or signed up for your newsletter) after seeing your ads.

  1. Go to Analytics.
  2. If the Analytics navigation is not visible, select Expand navigation, and then select New report.
    Analytics navigation with new report button highlighted
  3. Select Ad Analytics to view all available template reports. You can select from the following reports:
    • Facebook and Instagram ads awareness
    • Facebook and Instagram ads consumption
    • Facebook and Instagram ads intent
    • LinkedIn ads awareness
    • LinkedIn ads consumption
    • LinkedIn ads intent
  4. Select Impact to view template reports for Twitter ads. You can select from the following reports:
    • Twitter ads awareness
    • Twitter ads consumption
    • Twitter ads intent
  5. Select Create report.

To learn more about creating Analytics reports, see Create a new report in Analytics.

Customize your report

Edit the report templates to display the data that matters to you. For example, you can track and analyze ad and campaign results for a specific date range. You can also add, compare, filter, and remove accounts and metrics from your report.

Open an ad performance report and start customizing it.

When you’re ready to share or schedule an email export of your ad performance report, see:


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