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  Article updated: May 17, 2022

Conversation ownership removal in Sparkcentral

When an agent needs to sign out during a conversation, they risk losing or forgetting that conversation. To help prevent this, you can enable an option that removes ownership from conversations in the New queue when agents sign out:

  • Go to Admin settings, expand Routing and automation, and then select Remove ownership.

When Remove ownership is selected, the following happens when agents sign out:

  • In the New queue - Agents are automatically removed from all conversations within 2 minutes. Any agent who filters for unowned conversations can find and continue those conversations.
  • In the Pending queue - Agents keep ownership of their conversations. However, if an incoming message causes a conversation to move to the New queue while they’re signed out, ownership is automatically removed and another agent can continue the conversation.
  • In conversations with boomerangs - If a boomerang moves a conversation from the Pending queue to the New queue while the agent who owns the conversation is signed out, ownership is removed.

Audit trails keep a record of changes in ownership. For more information, see Sparkcentral audit trails.

Note: If ownership removal is enabled but you need to assign a conversation to an agent who’s offline, such as someone with specialized knowledge, consider assigning the conversation and immediately moving it to the Pending queue. A notification alerts the agent to the new conversation when they sign in.

However, if the contact replies to the conversation in the Pending queue while the assigned agent is still signed out, the conversation moves to the New queue and ownership is cleared.


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