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  Article updated: July 25, 2022

Sparkcentral real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring enables managers and supervisors to oversee agents’ conversations and performance moment by moment. The metrics available with real-time monitoring may help you increase productivity and better understand your business and your contact center operation.

Real-time monitoring is available to users with channel Supervisor roles. It consists of four dashboard pages found on the Monitoring page: Agents, Teams, Channels, and Topics. Each page provides insights into operational performance from different perspectives.

Dashboard options on the Monitoring tab.

Monitoring dashboards automatically refreshevery 30 seconds. They display both real-time metrics and metrics with an average over the past 12 hours.

Note: Users only see data for the channels to which they have Supervisor access.

Use the filter settings to optimize your view and focus only on data that is relevant to you. Filter settings are saved, even if you log out.

The Teams dashboard showing filter options, indlucing Channels, Filters, and Auto refresh.


The Agents page displays all agents who are currently logged in and have an available or away status set.

You can view the following for an individual agent:

  • Owned conversations
  • Current status
  • Total new and pending conversations
  • Total time they've been available in the last 12 hours
  • Performance in terms of resolved conversations
  • Average handle time
  • CSAT rating
  • Average utilization in the past 12 hours

Important: If multiple agents worked on a conversation, the CSAT score is attributed to the agent who resolved the conversation.

If a user is currently working with a customer, “Currently Replying” appears in their status.

To see all conversations owned by a user in New and Pending, select their name.


If you are using Skill set routing in Sparkcentral, the Teams page provides insights across all of your teams.

You can view the following for a team:

  • Assigned topics and customer segments
  • The total number of users online per team and their current state
  • The number of conversations assigned to users on a team and the number waiting to be assigned
  • Performance in the past 12 hours in terms of resolved conversations, average handle time, and CSAT rating


The Channels page provides insights into all your channels and how they are currently managed by your team.

For each channel, you can view the following:

  • The total number of owned and pending conversations and the channel's performance in the past 12 hours in terms of first response time
  • Conversation response time
  • SLA
  • Average handle time
  • CSAT score


The Topics page provides insights about different topics and how they're being handled by your team. To learn more about topics, see Sparkcentral topics.

For each topic, you can view the following:

  • The number of conversations with this topic assigned to users in your team or waiting to be assigned
  • Average handle times and CSAT score in the past 12 hours

Note: Conversations with multiple topics appear multiple times on the Topics page.



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