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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Block a contact in Sparkcentral

Agents can block contacts in Sparkcentral to prevent future interaction with individual profiles. When a contact is blocked, all new conversations from the contact are auto-resolved.

An admin must first enable the block contact functionality, as follows:

  1. On the Settings tab, expand Privacy & Security, and then select Blocked Contacts.
  2. Select the Enable block contact functionality check box.

    block contact checkbox

Block a contact

Note: Contacts are blocked at the channel level only.

  1. In Conversation view, select the message from the contact you want to block.
  2. On the Contact tab, select Block.
  3. Select Yes to confirm the block.

    contact information with Block icon highlighted

After you block a contact, you must manually resolve the existing conversation.

You can still find blocked contacts and full conversation histories by searching for a contact's name or conversation content.

Access information logs for blocked contacts

Contact-blocking events are logged and stored. Admins can access these logs on the Settings tab by expanding Privacy & Security and selecting Blocked Contacts. Admins can do the following:

  • View a list of all blocked contacts.
  • Navigate to the conversation history for a blocked contact.
  • Unblock a contact.

If an admin disables the block contact functionality, any new conversations from contacts who have been previously blocked won’t be auto-resolved. If an admin subsequently enables the block contact functionality again, any future conversations from previously blocked contacts will be resolved automatically.