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  Article updated: May 05, 2022

Add and use quick replies and buttons in Sparkcentral

You can create and use quick replies and buttons to improve communication efficiency with contacts. Quick replies and buttons work with Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messages, and messaging channels.

You can add snippets to the Saved replies tab (where they can be dragged into the reply field) or to an auto responder message. You can also create quick replies and buttons by using the Virtual Agent API.

Saved replies button example

  1. Create a new snippet. (See Sparkcentral saved replies). For example:

    Need more information? %[Visit our website](

  2. Click or drag the snippet into the reply box.

Here's how the button looks in a Twitter direct message.
Sample Knowledge Base text.

Auto responder quick reply example

Create a new auto responder (or edit an existing one). For example:

  • Statement: Hi, thank you for contacting our customer service team!
  • Question: What can we help you with today? %[Change booking](reply:change-booking) %[Request invoice](reply:request-invoice)

Here's how the quick reply looks in Facebook Messenger.

Sample Facebook message with two quick reply buttons.

Syntax list and examples

The following table shows all supported quick replies and buttons. You can test a quick reply or button by copying the content from the Example column into the reply box and sending it.

Syntax list and examples
Quick repliesTEXT %[Label](reply:label)Hello! %[Hello](reply:hello) %[Goodbye](reply:goodbye)YesYes
Text with buttonsTEXT %[Label](URL)Did you know? %[Facts about cats] ( %[Facts about dogs] (
Inline image![](URL to image hosted on Facebook)![]( funnycatpictureslady/photos/ a.385279954910984/2483156931789932/ ?type=3&theater)YesNo
Inline image with buttons![](URL to image hosted on Facebook) %[Label](URL)![]( funnycatpictureslady/photos/ a.385279954910984/2483156931789932/ ?type=3&theater)%[Funny cats] ( funnycatpictureslady/) %[Cats doing funny things] ( 1750714268481592/)YesNo
Card with titleTEXT ![](URL to image) %[Label](URL)Cat ![]( wikipedia/commons/4/4b/Domestic_Cat_ Demonstrating_Dilated_Slit_Pupils.jpg) %[Wikipedia]( /wiki/Cat)YesYes
Card with title and description# TITLE DESCRIPTION ![](URL to image) %[Label](URL)# Cat This is a cat ![](https://upload. 4b/Domestic_Cat_Demonstrating_ Dilated_Slit_Pupils.jpg) %[Wikipedia](
Carousel# TITLE1 DESCRIPTION1 ![](URL to image) %[Label1](URL) # TITLE2 DESCRIPTION2 ![](URL to image) %[Label2](URL)# Cat This is a cat ![]( wikipedia/commons/4/4b/Domestic_ Cat_Demonstrating_Dilated_ Slit_Pupils.jpg) %[Wikipedia]( # Dog This is a dog ![]( wikipedia/commons/a/af/ Golden_retriever_ eating_pigs_foot.jpg) %[Wikipedia](


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