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  Article updated: November 26, 2021

Review your Facebook and Instagram ad performance in Impact

You can track and measure the performance of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Explore how your advertising content is performing and answer questions like the following:

  • Which campaigns are driving the best ROI for my business?
  • Which ads are driving the most conversions on my website?

Plans: You must be a Business or Enterprise plan member with Impact to access this feature.

For more information on Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads, see the Facebook help article About the structure of Facebook ads.

Before you begin

To access advertising performance data, you need to authenticate your Facebook Instagram Ads account in Hootsuite Impact.

  1. Go to My other products , and then select Go to Impact. Hootsuite Impact opens in a new tab.
  2. Open the list next to your account name, and then select Account Settings.
    account settings under account drop-down
  3. Select Connections.
  4. Select Add New Connection.
  5. Select Facebook Instagram Ads under Paid Content Beta Platforms, then select Authorize + Connect Facebook/Instagram Ads.
  6. Follow the prompts to authorize the connection and add your ad accounts to Hootsuite Impact.

Review the performance of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads

The Advertising performance view lets you analyze your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, ad sets, and ads. You can review details such as dates, status, and objectives as well as results for performance metrics like ROI, reach, engagement, clicks, impressions, and more.

  1. Open Hootsuite and go to Analytics.
  2. If the Analytics list is not visible, expand the navigation , and then select Advertising performance.
  3. Select your connection type and social account, and then select to view your Campaigns, Ad sets, or Ads.
    advertising performance with campaigns, ad sets, and ads highlighted
  4. Select the date picker, select a date range option, and then select Set. Hootsuite displays campaign and ad performance for the time frame you selected.
  5. Optionally, use one of the following options to view your campaigns and ads.
    • Select any campaign, ad set, or ad to view its status, details, and results.
    • Check the box next to a campaign or ad set to review performance only for content associated with that campaign or ad set. You can then select the Campaigns, Ad sets, or Ads tabs to view only content for the selected campaign or ad set.
    • Select Customize columns to choose the metrics you want to see in your view. Use the Search box to search for metrics you'd like to include, and then select Apply. Point to a metric name to view its description or see the Ad analytics metrics library (opens in a new tab) for a complete list of metrics.

Filter your campaigns and ads

Use filters to narrow in on the information that is important to you. Options differ depending on what you are filtering - campaigns, ad sets, or ads.

  1. Select the campaigns, ad sets, or ads you want to filter, and then select Filters.
  2. Select from the following filters to narrow in on your content:
    • Select a Breakdown option to view results by age, country, gender, device, and more. When you add a breakdown filter, a Show breakdown link displays under each campaign, ad set, and ad to let you view breakdown data.
    • Select a Status, Objective, or Ad type to view results for only content with an active status, video views objective, or photo ad type, for example.
    • You can also select Create your own filters to filter your data by name and text, tags, target URL, campaign ID, ad set ID, or ad ID (options differ depending on what you are filtering - campaigns, ad sets, or ads).
  3. Select Apply to apply the filter to your current page (filters do not apply to every page automatically, they only apply for the displayed page - Campaigns, Ad sets, or Ads).

Note: Hootsuite collects breakdown data in real-time while the metrics data for ads, ad sets, and campaigns is collected on a scheduled basis. You may see a difference in numbers depending on when you are viewing your data.

Save and reuse advertising performance filters

Save and reuse your filters to quickly access the performance views that are most relevant to you.

  • Save a filter - Select Filters, include or exclude information to narrow in on, select Save, enter a name for the filter, and then select Save.
  • Use a saved filter - Select the arrow next to Filters filter with list option selected, and then select your saved filter from the list.
  • Delete a saved filter - Select the arrow next to Filters filter with list option selected, point to the saved filter, and then select Delete next to the saved filter.

Export your view

Select Export as XLSX to export your data to an Excel spreadsheet. This export generates an XLSX workbook with three worksheets - one for campaigns, one for ad sets, and one for ads.

You can also select the arrow next to Export as XLSX and select Comma separated values (csv) to export your data to CSV. This export produces a zip file containing three CSV files - one for campaigns, one for ad sets, and one for ads.

View exports include all the data in your view based on the applied filters, as well as all other available columns in the Advertising performance view.