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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Advanced search queries in Insights

Advanced searches in Insights help you find the online conversations that are most relevant to your topic of interest. You can also zero in on a particularly valuable kind of mention, and exclude any irrelevant mentions from your initial search results.

Start by becoming familiar with the terms, keywords, and phrases that people use when talking about your particular topic or brand. Run a quick search to see the results that are surfaced (see Create and save a search in Insights), and then use the Boolean operators listed in the following sections to optimize the results.

Insights displays an alert for any search queries that are formatted incorrectly so you know what to fix.

Note: Quick search queries have a limit of 600 characters. When you save your search, the query limit increases to 100K characters.

Search query operators

Insights supports a wide range of search query operators to help you focus in on the most relevant mentions for your search.

Search terms are not case-sensitive (unless you use the { } operator, as described in the following table). If you're searching for a phrase that contains spaces, enter it in quotation marks.

Search query examples

The more granular you make your search query, the more relevant the conversations you'll be able to surface. You can use a combination of the operators described in the previous tables to refine your search and narrow down your results.

A good practice is to test your query as you build it, and evaluate the results of your search. You can then refine your query, either to filter out irrelevant mentions or to find additional mentions that your current query is not retrieving.