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  Article updated: July 27, 2021

Closed beta - Create, publish, and manage Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in Hootsuite

You can publish Facebook and Instagram ads directly from Hootsuite. You can also manage and view ads in Planner next to the rest of your organic scheduled posts. You can set up an ad to run on both Facebook and Instagram or on Facebook only. Currently, you can only create one ad per campaign.

When you create your ad campaign, you must complete the following steps:

  • Choose your campaign objective
  • Create your ad, including all creative elements
  • Define your target audience
  • Set a budget for your campaign
  • Specify how long your ad campaign runs

Before you begin

Before you can create an ad campaign in Hootsuite, you must have a Facebook ad account that is linked to the Facebook Page hosting your ad. See Facebook's help article Add ad accounts in Business Manager for information on setting up your Facebook ad account.

Create an ad campaign

  1. Go to Create a post, and then select Facebook ad.

  2. Select the Facebook Page and ad account you want to use and enter a campaign name. For the beta release, only one campaign objective is supported (drive traffic to a website).

  3. If you do not already have an ad account associated with your Page, a message appears prompting you to add one. Select Add an ad account.

    If your ad is related to credit, employment, or housing, and you are targeting US audiences, you must identify them to comply with Facebook’s anti-discrimination policies. Check the Yes, my ad relates to credit, employment, or housing box.
  4. Select Next: audience and budget.

Choose your audience

When choosing an audience, you have the following options:

  • Build your own audience: choose the people to target with your ad based on specific characteristics, such as location, gender, and interests.

  • Use saved audience: target people who have already interacted with your business or reach people similar to people who interact with your business. This audience must already be saved in Facebook.

  • Use custom audience: target people who have engaged with your business content or visited your site.

To build your own audience, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the option from the list, and then select Edit to change the default values.

  2. Type a location in the search bar to include it, or select Exclude Location to specify locations to leave out.

  3. Select the gender(s) to include in your target audience (All, Male, or Female).

  4. Select the age range for your target audience. You can use the lists to select the minimum and maximum ages of people who will see your ad.

  5. Specify interests associated with your target audience by entering keywords in the search bar.

  6. Select Change Audience to save your changes.

    Edit audience options

You can place your ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram, or on Facebook only. The default option is both Facebook and Instagram. Deselect Instagram placement to place the ad in Facebook only.

Set budget and duration

  1. Scroll to the Budget and duration section, and enter the budget amount. You can allocate budgets on a per day basis or as a maximum amount for the duration of the campaign. If you select the Total option, note that the minimum amount Facebook requires per day is roughly 1 USD/EUR per day, but varies depending on the currency selected.

  2. Select a start and end date for your campaign. Hootsuite displays an estimate of how much money will be spent per day.

  3. Select Next: Compose ad.

Compose an ad

As you add the creative elements for your ad, Hootsuite displays a preview of what your ad will look like on mobile, desktop, and in Instagram.

  1. Enter the website URL of the page your ad is driving traffic to.

  2. Enter the ad description. This text is what your audience sees. The maximum character number is 2200.

  3. Add an image or video. Move files into the box or select files to upload from your computer. Adding an image or video overwrites the default image generated by the URL. You can only add one image or video per ad.

    Media restrictions:

    • IG images: aspect ratio must be between 0.565 and 7.8; height and width at least 500px

    • IG videos: aspect ratio must be between 4:5 and 16:9; size must be larger than 500px x 262px; length must be 120 seconds or less

    • FB images: must be larger than 262x262 pixels

  4. Enter the campaign headline.

  5. Choose a call to action. This is the text that appears on the button you want your audience to click to go to your website or landing page.

  6. Select Publish ad. Hootsuite sends the campaign to Facebook for approval.

Ads are placed based on Facebook’s algorithm. For more information, see Facebook's article Available Ad Placements for Marketing Objectives.

Manage your ad campaigns in Hootsuite Analytics

You can view, edit, and manage your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in Hootsuite Analytics.

  1. Open Hootsuite and go to Analytics.

  2. If the Analytics navigation is not visible, expand it, and then select Facebook campaigns.

Hootsuite displays a list with all your active and paused ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You can view campaign name, status, start and end date, main result, and performance metrics for each ad campaign.

Your ad campaigns use the ad account's time zone from your Facebook Ads Manager account.
Hootsuite doesn’t display archived or deleted ad campaigns.

Select an ad account from the top of the page to display ad campaigns for a specific Facebook or Instagram account.

You can then do the following:

  • View campaign details: Select the campaign name or select Show actions, and then select Check details to see an overview of the ad campaign. This includes campaign details (objective, start date, budget, and spend), performance metrics, ad placements, and audience details.

Note: If there are any issues with your ads or campaign, Hootsuite displays a message under Campaign issues. Select View on Facebook to view and fix any issues.
  • Change a campaign’s status:  Switch off Active to pause or switch it to on resume an ad campaign.

  • Review your overall ad campaign performance: You can see results for the following performance metrics: Main result, Cost per result, Budget, Spend, CPP, CPM, CPC, CTR, ROAS, Reach, Frequency, Impressions, Total engagements, Clicks, Reactions, Saves, Comments, Shares.

Main result is a key metric that highlights a campaign’s performance based on its objective.
  • View, edit, or delete an ad campaign: Select Show actions, and then select an option:

    • Check details to open the campaign overview.

    • Edit Campaign to modify the campaign name, budget, and dates. You can edit a campaign budget at both the campaign and ad set level.

    • Delete Campaign to turn off and delete the ad campaign.

    • View on Facebook to view the ad campaign on Facebook. You need access to the ad account on Facebook Ads Manager to view it.

Review ad campaign performance in Hootsuite Analytics

You can track the performance of your paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns, ad sets, and ads in Hootsuite Analytics. You can explore how your advertising content is performing and answer questions like the following:

  • Which ads and campaigns are driving the highest reach and engagement?
  • How much money am I spending on each ad, ad set, and campaign?

For more information on Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads, see Facebook's help article About the structure of Facebook ads.

Review results for your campaigns, ad sets, and ads

The Advertising performance view in Hootsuite Analytics displays information about your Facebook and Instagramcampaigns, ad sets, and ads. You can review details such as dates, status, and objectives, as well as results for performance metrics like reach, engagement, clicks, impressions, and more.

  1. Open Hootsuite and go to Analytics.
  2. If the Analytics list is not visible, expand the navigation , and then select Advertising performance.
  3. Select your connection type and social account, and then select to view your Campaigns, Ad sets, or Ads.
    advertising performance with campaigns, ad sets, and ads highlighted
  4. Select the date picker, select a date range option, and then select Set. Hootsuite displays campaign and ad performance for the time frame you selected.
  5. Optionally, use one of the following options to view your campaigns and ads.
    • View details and status of a campaign, ad set, or ad - Select any campaign, ad set, or ad to view status, details, and results.
    • View performance for ads and ad sets by campaign or ad set - Check the box next to a campaign or ad set to review performance for only content associated with that campaign or ad set. You can then select the Campaigns, Ad sets, and Ads tabs to view only content for the selected campaign or ad set.
    • Customize columns displayed and view the metrics that matter to you - Select Customize columns to customize the columns displayed in your view. Use the Search box to search for metrics you'd like to include, and then select Apply. Point to a metric name to view its description.

Filter your campaigns and ads

Use filters to narrow in on the information that is important to you. Options differ depending on what you are filtering - campaigns, ad sets, or ads.

  1. Select the campaigns, ad sets, or ads you want to filter, and then select Filter.
  2. Select from the following filters to narrow in on your content:
    • Select a Breakdown option to view results by age, country, gender, device, and more. When you add a breakdown filter, a Show breakdown link displays under each campaign, ad set, and ad to let you view breakdown data.
    • Select a Status, Objective, or Ad type to view results for only content with an active status, video views objective, or photo ad type, for example.
    • You can also select Create your own filters to filter your data by name and text, tags, target URL, campaign ID, ad set ID, or ad ID (options differ depending on what you are filtering - campaigns, ad sets, or ads).
  3. Select Apply filters to apply the filter to your current page (filters do not apply to every page automatically, they only apply for the displayed page - Campaigns, Ad sets, or Ads).


  • Only the team members who have completed an action within the selected time frame appear in the Members list.
  • Hootsuite collects breakdown data in real-time while the metrics data for ads, ad sets, and campaigns is collected on a scheduled basis. You may see a difference in numbers depending on when you are viewing your data.

Save and reuse advertising performance filters

Save and reuse your filters to quickly access the performance views that are most relevant to you.

  • Save a filter - Select Filter, include or exclude information to narrow in on, select Save, enter a name for the filter, and then select Save.
  • Use a saved filter - Select the arrow next to Filter filter with list option selected, and then select your saved filter from the list.
  • Delete a saved filter - Select the arrow next to Filter filter with list option selected, point to the saved filter, and then select Delete next to the saved filter.

Export your view

Select Export as XLSX to export your data to an Excel spreadsheet. This export generates an XLSX workbook with three worksheets - one for campaigns, one for ad sets, and one for ads.

You can also select the arrow next to Export as XLSX and select Comma separated values (csv) to export your data to CSV. This export produces a zip file containing three CSV files - one for campaigns, one for ad sets, and one for ads.

View exports include all the data in your view based on the applied filters, as well as all other available columns in the Advertising performance view.