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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Sparkcentral Account Usage report

The Account Usage report displays the number of customers you have helped, the number of agents who have been online, proactive API usage, and the number of messaging channels you have used to support customers.

To view the Account Usage report, on the Analytics tab, select Reports, and then select Account Usage.

The Account Usage report displays the following information:

  • UMCs per Medium - The Unique Monthly Contacts per medium. This graph shows values in monthly intervals only. Selecting one or more days in a month displays the total UMC count for that month. Selecting a start date in the previous month and an end date in the current month displays the total UMC counts per month.
  • Closed Conversations per Medium -: All conversations that were resolved during the selected date range, started by an inbound message, with at least one outbound message.
  • Active Users - All users who sent at least one outbound message during the selected date range.
  • Channels - All channels connected to your Sparkcentral platform. Test or development channels are excluded.
  • Proactive Messages per Medium - All outbound messages sent using the proactive API during the selected date range.

Date selection and filter settings

Use the date selection, view, and filters to focus on the data that’s most relevant to you.

Date Range and Channels

  • Timezone - Select the desired time zone on which to base the date and time of the generated chart.
  • Date Range - Select the date from and until which you would like to show data.
  • Channels - Select the channels for which you would like the tool to show data.


Select the interval in which you would like to have data shown (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).

Group By

To compare data between channels or between social networks, set Group By to either Medium or Channel.

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