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  Article updated: March 19, 2023

Use boomerangs in Sparkcentral

When you want to follow up with a conversation later, you can use a boomerang to move it from the Pending or Resolved queue back into the New queue after a set period of time. Set a conversation to “boomerang” back to the New queue by selecting the clock icon next to Pending or Resolve.

You can set your boomerang to occur in 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 24 hours, or you can choose a custom time by selecting the calendar icon. You can also add notes to the boomerang to include follow-up information.

A Cancel boomerang button appears, allowing you to cancel the boomerang at any time and reminding you that a boomerang is set on the conversation.

If a boomerang moves a conversation to the Pending queue, agent assignment stays the same.

Admins can also set a default system boomerang for all conversations in the Pending queue. Select this check box to specify how much time conversations can spend in the Pending queue before being automatically moved back to the New queue.

Go to Admin settings, expand Queue, and then select Preferences to manage and update the default Boomerang.

The Boomerang section of the Preferenes page.

If you enable the system boomerang feature, make sure the duration is less than the auto-resolve from the Pending queue setting. Otherwise, the conversation will get resolved and the boomerang will be canceled.



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