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  Article updated: June 24, 2021

Use boomerangs in Sparkcentral

When a conversation requires followup at a later time, you can use a boomerang to move it from either Pending or Resolved back into the New queue after a set period of time. Set a conversation to boomerang back to the New queue by selecting the clock icon next to Pending or Resolved.

  • You can define a range of time frames or create a custom boomerang by selecting the calendar.
  • You can add notes to the boomerang to add context.
  • If ownership is assigned to a conversation when a boomerang is set, it is retained only if the boomerang is set when moved into Pending, not Resolved.
  • You can cancel a boomerang at any time. Boomerangs canceled from conversations in Pending state retain ownership.

Conversations with boomerangs display a boomerang indicator in the Pending and Resolved queues.

Admins can set a default system boomerang for all Pending conversations. This is where you can specify after how much time conversations in the Pending queue are automatically moved back to the New queue.

On the Settings tab, expand Queue, and then select Preferences to manage and update your default System Boomerang.

If you enable the system boomerang feature, make sure the duration is less than the auto-resolve from the Pending queue setting. Otherwise, the conversation will get resolved and the boomerang is canceled.