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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Sparkcentral queue management and filters

The Sparkcentral queue provides a common location for agents to view messages from multiple channels at once, filter and sort channel views, bulk resolve conversations, and view counts of new and pending conversations. This article provides an overview of each feature of the queue.

Active channels list

The Active channels list allows agents to select any social networks and social accounts for which they have access. The header displays:

  • The number of channels selected from the total number of available channels
  • The number of New and Pending conversations per channel

The Sparkcentral work flow consists of three states:

  • New conversations that have new interactions and need followup
  • Pending conversations that are waiting for customers to follow up
  • Resolved conversations that don’t require any followup

The count of New and Pending conversations is displayed across channels and accounts that an agent has selected in the Active channels list.


Use the following filters to control the conversations that appear in your queue:

  • Teams - Agents with channel-based access can filter on a specific team. Teams (see Skill set routing in Sparkcentral) that have the option enabled to see the Conversation Without Routing Definition can filter on their own team or No Team.
  • Ownership - The New and Pending queues can be filtered by conversation ownership (see Conversation ownership in Sparkcentral). Ownership filters provide visibility into other agents' assignments, ensuring that conversations never get “stuck” in an agent’s queue. You have the following filter options:
    • Unowned - All unowned conversations
    • Owned by me - Conversations owned by you
    • Select All - All conversations owned by others
    • Named Agents - Conversations owned by one or more specific agents

      Agents who are online and available appear with a green dot next to their name. Agents who are away display an orange dot, and offline agents display a gray dot.

  • Topics - The New and Pending queues can be filtered by Topics (see Sparkcentral topics) to help agents focus on specific conversation topics.
  • Customer Segments - The New and Pending queues can be filtered by Customer Segments (see Customer segments in Sparkcentral) to help agents focus on specific customer segment conversations.
  • Conversation Types - Public or private filtering allows agents to filter the queue to see only public or only private conversations or both (default). This allows agents to always respond to private conversations (which are more likely to be customer service conversations) before they respond to the public conversations. This is especially useful when viral social media events flood the queue, making it hard to determine which conversations are urgent customer service inquiries.


    • All conversations from the following are categorized as private: WhatsApp, Sparkcentral Messenger (Web chat, In-app chat), SMS.
    • If a conversation has a combination of Twitter public messages and Twitter direct messages, the conversation is considered both public and private and appears in both filters.
    • If a conversation has a combination of Facebook public and Facebook Messenger messages, the conversation is considered both public and private and appears in both filters.

    Public :

    For a conversation to be classified as a public conversation and be viewable in the Public filter, it must have at least one public message type. The following are considered public:

    • Facebook public message types:
      • Wall posts
      • Comments on posts, including dark posts
    • Twitter public message types:
      • Public tweets
      • Twitter search queries
    • Instagram public message types:
      • Comments and replies on posts
      • Instagram mentions

Sort order

You can change the sort order of conversations in the queue from oldest to newest or newest to oldest. The order of the queue is based on the time the conversation was added to the New or Pending queue.

Ellipsis menu

The ellipsis menu (three dots) includes the following options:

  • Bulk Resolve - Allows you to resolve multiple New and Pending queue items at once (see Bulk resolve conversations in Sparkcentral). This feature is available only when you have a supervisory role for the channel selected.
  • New Tweet - Allows agents to send a new tweet directly from Sparkcentral. This feature is visible only if requested to be enabled by your organization.