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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Conversation ownership in Sparkcentral

Conversation ownership helps ensure that customers receive a consistent support experience from the same agent, and it indicates to other agents that a conversation as being actively handled.

Conversation ownership can be set manually, or an admin can enable the Auto-Ownership feature, which assigns ownership to the first agent who responds. To enable auto ownership, on the Settings tab, expand Channels & Business Hours, and then select Channels.

If a conversation is assigned, the owner of the conversation appears above the reply box in conversations view.

In the New queue, ownership is indicated by “Waiting on (agent’s name),” and in the Pending queue by “Owned by (agent’s name)”.

When a conversation is moved to Resolved, all ownership is removed.

Manually assign ownership

To manually assign an owner to a conversation, open the message and select the ownership list above the reply box, and then search for or select a name.

Selecting an owner for a conversation

Filter the queue by ownership

You can filter the New and Pending queues by conversation ownership. Filtering by owner offers visibility into other agents' assignments and helps ensure that conversations don't get “stuck” in an agent’s queue. Select Filter at the top of the queue and point to Ownership to choose from the following options:

  • Unowned: All unowned conversations
  • Owned by me: Conversations owned by you
  • Select All: All owned conversations
  • (Agent Name): Conversations owned by one or more selected agents

Agents who are online and available appear with a green dot next to their name. Agents who are away have an orange dot, and offline agents have a gray dot.

Important: Depending on your work flow and how agents utilize their ownership queue filter, when a conversation is owned by an agent, other agents can still view, respond, and engage as needed to any owned conversation.

Remove ownership when logging out

Admins can enable automatic removal of ownership at logout so that conversations owned by offline users are automatically removed within 2 minutes. To enable or disable ownership removal:

  1. On the Settings tab, expand Routing & Automation, and then select Remove Ownership.
  2. Select or clear the check box, and then select Save.

Ownership is maintained for all conversations in the Pending queue. However, if a pending conversation is moved to the New queue while the owner is logged off, ownership is automatically removed and the conversation is viewable by any agent filtering for unowned conversations.