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  Article updated: May 03, 2022

Data discrepancies in Analytics

Every now and then, you may find that Hootsuite Analytics data and the analytics data you see on a social network differ. This is usually due to the way Analytics retrieves and displays data. Read on for a better understanding.

How Hootsuite collects and stores data

As soon as you add a social account to Analytics, Hootsuite starts collecting data for it. Hootsuite cannot collect data retroactively so you may not see data for the account right away.

Hootsuite cannot collect data for disconnected accounts. When you reconnect the account to Hootsuite, data collection resumes. Although Hootsuite attempts to backfill data, a data gap exists for the time that the account was not connected. Previous data for the account is still accessible. See Why social accounts disconnect for more information.

Note: Data remains accessible when you transfer or reclaim social accounts.

We report metrics in the GMT timezone.

Refresh interval

Hootsuite automatically refreshes data in your Analytics reports. Hootsuite retrieves this data at least once a day so that you get the latest data for your metrics.

Post-level and Page-level metrics

Hootsuite Analytics retrieves Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn metrics from both post (content) and page (account) data.

  • Post-level metrics attribute data to specific posts and they report the day each post was published. These metrics report on all posts published during the selected time frame.
  • Page-level metrics attribute data to the page and the day each interaction occurred. These metrics report on interactions that occurred during the selected time frame, regardless of when the posts were published.

Note: Facebook requires at least 30 likes on a Facebook Page before returning metrics for it.


Let’s say you’re comparing Facebook Page analytics reports from April to March. You may be wondering how the number of Page impressions increased if the number of Post impressions decreased.

Post impressions only show the impressions for posts published in March and April. Page impressions show impressions that occurred in March and April for all posts on the Page, regardless of when they were published.

Page impressions may have increased in April because, in addition to posts in March and April, posts in February were still generating good engagement.

Incomplete or partial data

An 'incomplete data' or 'partial data' warning indicates that data collection may not be complete. This warning appears under the following conditions:

  • A social account disconnects and reconnects in the selected time frame. Because data collection stops when a social account disconnects, the data for that time frame may be incomplete.
    Note: Data may show up in the grayed-out section of your report. This happens when Hootsuite attempts an automatic backfill (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) after you reconnect a disconnected account. In this case, the data is still considered incomplete.
  • You are loading more than 500 accounts per social network into your report. In this case, some tiles in your report will include a partial data set. For a full report that includes all the accounts you selected, export or schedule an email export. See Export an Analytics report for more information.

Troubleshoot data discrepancies

If see discrepancies between Analytics data and a social network's data, keep the following information in mind:

  • Social networks and Hootsuite may aggregate data differently. For example, Analytics displays Instagram reach metrics as a daily total. But Instagram displays reach metrics for a 7-day or 30-day period.
  • Most Facebook metrics come from Facebook Insights. These metrics are only updated once a day.
  • When your social account disconnects and reconnects, Hootsuite can't collect or display data during that disconnected period. But, you can still see previously collected data for the account. When this happens, the metrics may not match what you are seeing in the social network.

Download and submit your Facebook and Instagram Insights data to Hootsuite support

Review your Insights data when you want to investigate data discrepancies.

If you need support, generate and include the following information in your support request:


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