Closed beta - New guided search experience in Insights

This feature is currently in closed beta for a pre-selected group of customers. Watch for a full public release in the coming weeks.

For customers enrolled in the closed beta program, Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch now offers a new and improved search experience.

Insights now provides a search query builder that makes it easy to create an advanced search and find the online conversations that matter most to you.

In addition, Insights now offers several guided search options for common use cases, so you can quickly zero in on the social mentions that are most relevant to you. You simply enter search terms like keywords, hashtags, websites, and social handles, and Insights builds your search query for you as you go, using the appropriate operators and syntax.

Insights also adds intelligent variations to the terms you provide, to make sure your search results capture all relevant mentions.

Build a search query using guided search

  1. Go to Insights.
  2. Select a guided search option from the list.
  3. Enter your search terms in the appropriate fields, using commas to separate words or phrases. Insights builds your search query to reflect your input.
  4. If you want to filter out any terms or handles from your search, select the Exclude tab and enter any terms, websites, or social handles you want to exclude from your search results.

    Note: You cannot edit the search query as Insights builds it. If you want to edit your query manually, select the arrow to return to the Insights home page, select Exit guided search in the confirmation window, and make your changes in the search field. 

  5. Select Search to see your results.

Build an advanced search query manually

You can create your own search query manually using search terms and Boolean operators. Insights highlights your search operators, to make each section of your query easier to read.

  1. Go to Insights, and enter your search terms and Boolean operators in the search field. 
  2. Select Advanced Search Help to view a list of operator definitions and examples you can use to build your search. 
  3. Press ENTER to run your search query. If there is a problem with your query syntax, Insights highlights the error and provides guidance on how to fix it.

View recent quick searches

You can easily access your most recent quick searches from the Quick Search page. 

  1. Go to Insights, and select a recent search from the list on the Quick Search page. Insights runs the query and displays your search results. 

For information on how to filter search results and save your searches, see Create and save a search in Insights