Saved search limits in Insights


You can run a quick search to see a snapshot of the mentions you’re interested in. Each Hootsuite organization has an allotted number of searches that can be saved at a time. This limit applies across all teams with access to Insights. So, to save a search and track it over time, you need to ensure your organization has room in their allotment for another saved search.

To view the list of searches saved by your organization, go to Insights , and then select Saved Searches. Hover your mouse over the question mark to see how many of your organization’s allotted searches have been used.

view total saved searches in insights

For additional information, see View, edit, and delete your saved searches.

Search limits

Quick search mentions go back 30 days; while saved searches go back to the first day of the previous month, and then collect and store the last 13 months of mentions.

When a new search is created, we measure the daily volume for the past 30 days. If at least 85% of those days have a daily volume below 5K, all mentions are shown, even if the volume spikes above 5K in the future. When 85% of the daily volume is greater than 5K mentions, a sampling of mentions are shown.

If more than 15% of days have a daily volume above 5K, a sampling rate is applied to keep 85% of the daily stored mentions at or below 5K. For example, if 85% of the daily volume is 10K, a 50% sampling rate is applied, so days with a true volume of 60K will have a 30K sample, and days with a true volume of 10K will have a 5K sample. All metrics for the query are extrapolated based on the sample.

Regardless of the fixed sample rate, no more than 100K mentions are stored for a single day.