Publish Amplify content from Drafts or the content library


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If you choose Save to Amplify drafts when creating your Amplify content, you’ll find your draft in the Drafts queue of your Amplify stream. From Drafts, you can post your content to Amplify for your advocates to see and share to their own social accounts, or schedule it to be viewable at a later time. You can also publish to Amplify from the content library. 

Publish a saved draft to Amplify from your stream

When a draft is ready to publish to the Amplify app, find it in the Drafts queue in Streams , and then select Post in the bottom right. The post moves to the top of the Posted queue in your Amplify stream and appears in Amplify for users to read and share. Select Unpost on anything in the Posted queue to return it to Drafts and remove it from the app.

Schedule a drafted post

  1. In the Drafts queue, select Edit in the bottom left of the post.
  2. Select the Schedule Set date, select a specific date and time, and then select the
    check mark .
  3. Select the back arrow at the top of the post to save your changes. The post moves to your Scheduled queue.

Autoschedule a drafted post

  • In the Drafts queue, select AutoSchedule at the bottom of the post. The post moves to your Scheduled queue.

Review your scheduled posts in the Scheduled queue in your Amplify stream. Hover over a scheduled post to edit it or to remove the scheduling and return it to Drafts.

AutoSchedule selects optimal times for posting for you based on your settings. Select Settings  in the top right of the Scheduled queue to select the days of the week, number of posts, and timeframe for scheduled posts.

Publish a post to Amplify from the content library

If you have content in your content library that you would like to publish to Amplify, you can skip adding content to the Drafts queue of your Amplify stream and publish directly from your content library.

  1. Access the content library by going to Publisher, then selecting the Content tab on the top of the screen.
  2. Find the post you want to publish, select More, and then select Publish on Amplify.
  3. Under Post To, select the social networks where you want to allow your advocates to share the post.
  4. Select or set any other options, including editing permissions, post highlighting, scheduling, or post expiration.
  5. Select Publish on Amplify.
    Your post is published directly to the Amplify app, and also appears in the Posted queue of your Amplify stream.

Learn more about managing content libraries.

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