Action required for some Twitter accounts - August 26, 2020


This article is for customers who were notified in Hootsuite that one or more of their Twitter accounts need to be reconnected by September 2nd.

A number of Twitter accounts that were recently connected or reconnected to Hootsuite have been affected by a bug on Twitter’s platform. This issue is resolved, but the affected Twitter accounts now need to be reconnected to Hootsuite.

Until your accounts are reconnected, they are at risk of not getting all messages in Inbox and Streams, and not receiving all Analytics data.

If the affected Twitter accounts aren’t reconnected by September 2nd, they will be fully disconnected, so as to trigger alerts and ensure full reconnection after that date.

Important: Do not remove your Twitter account from Hootsuite. This will delete all past and currently scheduled content for the account, as well as analytics data.

Reconnect your Twitter account without losing any data

These steps need to be completed by a Hootsuite user with permissions to reconnect the Twitter account: an organization super admin, admin, or a user with advanced social network permissions for the account.

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
    Social networks and teams selected in the My profile menu
  2. Select the Twitter account.
    If the account is in an organization, select Social Networks under the organization name, and then select the Twitter account.
  3. Under the Profile Settings tab, select Connect with Twitter.
    The Connect with Twitter button in the Profile Settings tab
  4. Enter your Twitter account credentials, and then select Sign In.

    Note: The username will autofill if you’re currently signed in to Twitter in another browser tab. Double-check that it’s the right account username/email.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all Twitter accounts identified for reconnection.

    You can find the list of your affected accounts again by selecting Help & resources , then In-product assistance, and then selecting the announcement from the conversation list.