Add a Twitter account


Add a Twitter account to Hootsuite to manage publishing to your profile along with your other social content. You can also manage engagement on your tweets in Hootsuite Streams, manage direct messages in Hootsuite Inbox, and report on all of your activity with Hootsuite Analytics.

Super admins, admins, and those with custom organization permissions to Add Social Networks can add social accounts to organizations.

Important: Before adding each new account with the following steps, open another web browser tab, and make sure you are logged out of Twitter (even in private/incognito windows).

Add a Twitter profile

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
    Social networks and teams option selected in the My profile menu
  2. For personal use: Select + Private Network in the bottom left.
    For use within an organization: Select Manage beside the org name, and then select Add a Social Network.
  3. Select Twitter from the list on the left, and then select Connect with Twitter.
    List of social network options with Twitter selected, showing the Connect with Twitter button
  4. Enter your Twitter account credentials (username and password) and then select Sign In.

Note: If you have access to Hootsuite Impact, you'll need to add your social accounts to Impact too. See Connect an organic or paid social account to Impact for those instructions.