Use a content library template


Team members in Business and Enterprise organizations can use content libraries to create, publish, and manage their organization’s social media content with Hootsuite.

Team members can select from the pre-drafted and pre-approved post templates saved to the organization's content library and publish a post right away or schedule it for a specific day and time.

To learn more, see Use assets from a content library.

Plans: Business and Enterprise 

Create a post from a content library template

  1. Go to Create new post, and then select Content library template. A new page displays all the content libraries you have access to.
    option to create new post from content library template
  2. Select to open a content library and browse its post templates. 
  3. Select a template to view additional details, such as who created it, when it was added to the content library, and how many times it has been used. Individual image assets are not displayed here.
  4. Select Open in Composer on a template. The Composer opens with all the template elements pre-populated in the post. Templates that contain links will always contain the full link, so consider adding a shortener before publishing or scheduling the post. See Work with links for more information.