Our fresh new look


It’s here! We’re excited to bring a simpler, improved look and navigation to Hootsuite.

We’re confident that the new experience will make your daily workflows much smoother, but understand that change can be a challenge. This guide explores everything that’s changed, so you can know what to expect and where to find all of the functionality you need.


Look and feel

What you’ll notice right away is Hootsuite’s fresh new look. For the most part, the location of your favorite tools isn’t changing, but everything has a simpler, more modern design, with new colors and typeface.

New navigation

The big change is that we’ve tidied things up to improve your experience. Now, you can find everything in Hootsuite from the left navigation. Here are the three key changes:

  The new post button is now always available at the top of the left navigation, so you can create a post from anywhere.

Before and after of the new post button in the old look, and now available at the top of the left navigation

  • A closer look: No matter where you are in Hootsuite, it's easy to start crafting your next post. Hover over the new post button to find the extra options for creating posts, pins, and more.
    Cursor pointing to the new post button, with the additional options open for creating posts and pins

  We’ve focused in on the essentials, so the products our customers use most frequently are easy to find.

Before and after of the left navigation

  • A closer look: Depending on your plan type, the following products are available:
    •   streams-icon.png Streams
    •   planner-icon.png Publisher
    •   inbox-icon.png Inbox
    •   assignments-icon.png Assignments
    •   analytics-icon.png Analytics
    •   amplify-icon.png Amplify
    Each product includes its own left navigation for consistency and easy access.

    In Streams, tabs have become boards. You can organize the different social streams you’re monitoring on boards. Access each of them easily from the Streams navigation.
    The Streams section, showing the streams navigation where you can create new boards

  You’ll find your other extended products near your profile at the bottom of the navigation, along with notifications and help.

Before and after the profile picture in the top right of the old look, and now in the bottom left of the navigation

  • A closer look:
    • streams-icon.png Select My other products to find extended products like Insights, Ads, and Impact.
    • notifications-icon.png Notifications and notification settings (for Business and Enterprise customers) are now in the left navigation.
    • help-icon.png Select Help & resources for suggested help based on the product you’re working in, for quick access to the Help Center and Hootsuite Academy, to chat with our support team, or to leave feedback. We’d love to hear from you about the new look!
    • profile-icon.png Last but not least, your profile is at the bottom of the navigation. Select your profile to manage your plan type and account settings; find the app directory; manage your social networks, teams, and organizations; or sign out of your Hootsuite account.
      The profile navigation, with options for managing the account and plan type, accessing the app directory, managing teams and social networks, and signing out
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