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With the Instagram story composer, you can now manage your whole digital marketing plan in one place. Use Hootsuite's collaboration features to ensure your story content is on-brand. Prepare your stories in the composer, schedule them in advance, and visualize them in the Planner along with your other social posts.

When it’s time to publish, Instagram stories use the mobile notification workflow. You or a team member will receive a push notification to your Hootsuite mobile app. Your prepared story, including all media files, are sent to your mobile device for you to publish via the Instagram app.

By completing the workflow in Instagram, you keep full control over the look of your story. You'll still have access to the latest featured sticker types on Instagram, and the ability to add those final touches like filters and tags.

Note: This publishing method is an Instagram limitation for all third-party tools.

Plans: Professional, Team, Business, Enterprise

Before you begin

Make sure your mobile publishing notifications are enabled in your Hootsuite mobile app. See Enable Instagram publishing notifications.

Create an Instagram story

  1. Point to Create new post, and then select Instagram Story.
    The Create Instagram Story option highlighted in the Create new post menu
  2. Select Select a social network, and then select your Instagram profile.
  3. Select select files to upload to attach up to 10 images or videos to your story.
    You can also select Open Media Library to add free stock images, other image assets from your media library apps, or from your Enterprise content library.

    Note: The maximum file size for images is 5MB, and maximum video length is 60 seconds.

  4. Optional: Select Edit image below each image to make edits to it now like adjusting the aspect ratio or adding text or stickers. You can also edit images later in the Instagram app. See Image editing options.
  5. Select the preview on the right to toggle through your story. You can drag-and-drop your assets within the list on the left to reorder them.

    Note: Previews aren’t supported in the composer for .mov files.

  6. In the Clipboard text field, enter copy and links to include with your prepared story. Clipboard text is sent to your device with the push notification, and copied to your device clipboard. When you add your final touches in Instagram, you'll have easy access to paste in your captions and create swipe-up links.
  7. Select Add next to Notes for the publisher to enter additional guidance or instructions to the user who will be publishing the story on Instagram.
  8. Select Post Now, or select Schedule for later, select a date and time, select Done, and then select Schedule. Stories can also be saved as drafts.
    If you get the error, "Your Instagram account requires a paired device," it means that no one has push notifications enabled in their Hootsuite app for the Instagram account you are sending content to. Enable notifications, and then try again.

Publish an Instagram story

When it’s time to publish (either right away or at the scheduled time), all devices that have notifications for the profile enabled in the Hootsuite mobile app receive a push notification. From the notification, any team member with publishing permissions and login credentials for the profile can open and publish the story in Instagram.

  1. Open the notification in your Hootsuite mobile app: Select Streams  and then Notifications  in the top right.
  2. Select the new publishing notification.
  3. Select Open in Instagram. Your caption copy and links will be copied to your clipboard and you will be launched into the Instagram app.

    Important: The Hootsuite app does not detect which Instagram profile is signed in to your Instagram app. If you publish to more than one Instagram profile, ensure that you are signed in to the Instagram app with the same profile you selected in Hootsuite, so that you publish the story to the correct profile.

  4. In the Instagram app, select the camera icon in the top left.
  5. Select the camera roll image in the bottom left to open the story assets saved on your device.
  6. If your story has multiple assets, select the multi-image option  so that you can select them all, and then select Next.
  7. If you have copied clipboard text to include, select the text option, tap-and-hold and then release, and then select Paste.
  8. Add your finishing touches to your story as usual, with Instagram’s effects, stickers, drawing tools, and text, and then select Next.
  9. Share to your story.

When more than one user receives an Instagram notification in the Hootsuite app, select the notification to see if it has already been actioned. The Open in Instagram button will change to Opened by (name) if the story has already been opened in the Instagram app.
Select Opened by (name) to mark the post as not opened or to open it again.

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