Pixel attribution and revenue tracking


Choose how your pixels report attribution and revenue in your dashboard settings.

By default, Hootsuite Ads does not display revenue unless you choose to display it in your account settings. When Show Revenue is enabled in the account, Hootsuite Ads will also report the ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns, which is the profit you earn based on how much you had invested in the campaign. This is calculated on the total revenue with the following formula: (Revenue - Spent) / Spent.

The default conversion attribution window (the number of days between someone viewing or clicking your ad and taking an action on your website) is 1 day after an impression and 28 days after a click. These windows can be adjusted in your dashboard settings. If a user saw two ads from two separate campaigns, Facebook's last touch attribution model is used. So the conversion will be attributed to the most recently viewed/clicked ad (and its campaign).

Adjust your pixel settings

  1. Click Settings dashboard_settings.png in the top-right corner of your account.
  2. Click Edit Settings next to Application Settings.
  3. Select the post-view and post-click attribution windows.
  4. Click Yes or No to show or hide pixel revenue in the Hootsuite Ads account.
  5. Click Update.