Organize mentions with tags


Categorize mentions, highlight important mentions, or flag mentions you want to take action on, by adding tags to them within a saved search.

Note that these tags are not associated with Hootsuite post tags. These are independent and used for managing Insights mentions only.

To apply tags

  1. Within a saved search, open the mentions on the right side of the search, and click Add Tag at the bottom of any mention.
  2. Search for a tag and select one or more to apply to the mention. If searching doesn’t produce a tag you’re looking for, click Create new tag to add it.

To review tagged mentions

  1. Open any saved search, and then click Tags at the top of the search.
  2. Select a tag from the list on the left to review all related mentions on the right. Changes to mentions can't be made in this view.

To manage tags

To create a tag, enter the name in the New tag name field, and then click Add.

To edit or delete a tag, hover over it in the list and then click the Rename Tag or Delete icons. Deleting a tag will remove the tag from any mentions that have been tagged with it. Renaming a tag will update any mentions tagged with it.

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