About Insights, powered by Brandwatch


Hootsuite has partnered with Brandwatch to bring a social listening solution to our dashboard: Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch.

Create advanced boolean searches with this tool and access social mentions that match your queries. With mentions from a variety of platforms, including social, blogs, and news sites, you can explore and track specific topics online. Hone in on conversations that matter to you and uncover insights into your audience and industry.

Access to Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch is available to Hootsuite Business and Enterprise customers as an add-on. Contact your customer success manager to enable it for your organization.

To access Insights, a user needs to be a member of an enabled team, and they must also be enabled individually. Team members have access to the Insights searches for the team(s) they belong to.

If all the users in your Insights add-on package will need access to the same searches, you can create and add them to one team specifically for granting Insights access.

When users are added to a team, they get either Team admin, or default permissions. Team admins have edit/write access to Insights, while default team members have read-only access. Note that organization super admins and admins also need to be added to the team to get access to Insights.

When enabled, all users added to the team can access the tool by clicking Insights  in the navigation menu of the Hootsuite dashboard.

How to add or remove members from a team

Search limits

Each Hootsuite organization has a limit to the number of searches that can be saved at one time (based on your package). This is a total across all teams that have Insights access. Quick searches can always be created to see a snapshot of results. But to save a search and track it over time, there needs to be an available saved search in the organization’s allotment.

Click the Saved Searches tab to view the list of searches saved by the organization. The list shows which team owns the search, when it was last modified, and which user created it.

Hover your mouse over the question mark  in the top-right corner to see how many of your organization’s allotted searches have been used so far.

See Manage searches to delete a search.

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