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With the mobile notification publishing workflow, you can create posts in Hootsuite and publish them manually to Instagram via the Hootsuite app on your mobile device. To ensure you receive a notification when your Instagram post is ready to be published, you need to enable push notifications.

The information in this article applies to: Instagram personal and business profiles

Before you begin, make sure you've already installed the Instagram app and the latest version of the Hootsuite app on your mobile device.

Enable push notifications

  1. Open your Hootsuite mobile app.
  2. Select your account profile picture .
  3. Select the Settings tab, and then select Notifications.
  4. Select your connected Instagram profile from the list.
  5. Toggle Instagram push notifications to ON.
    Instagram notification toggles for iOS and Android
  6. If applicable: Select Back and then repeat steps 4 and 5 for every Instagram profile you want to publish to.
  7. If notification permissions for the Hootsuite app are not yet enabled in your mobile device settings, follow the prompts to turn them on too.

All team members who want to publish posts to an Instagram profile from their own mobile devices need to complete these steps. Everyone with notifications turned on will receive a push notification when a post is ready to be published to Instagram. See publish to Instagram via mobile notification to learn more.

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