Facebook ads data discrepancies in Impact


Are you seeing a discrepancy between the Facebook Ads data in your Impact account and the data in your Ads account on Facebook?

To investigate the issue and improve the quality of data in your Impact account, we will need a specific Facebook ads report from your Ads Manager.

Please follow these steps to download a .csv file of the data and submit it with your support request.

Download the Facebook ads report

  1. Sign in to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Select Business Manager on the top left, and then select Ads Manager.
  3. Select the ad account that’s connected to Hootsuite Impact.
  4. Select the Ads tab, select Reports, and then select Ad to open the reporting dashboard.
  5. Select the time frame for the ads you want to export, and then select Update.
  6. On the left side of the dashboard, under Breakdowns, select the following:
    • Ad Name (Level)
    • Ad ID (Level)
    • Platform (Delivery)
  7. Select the Metrics tab.
  8. Leave all the metrics checked that are selected by default, and ensure that Amount Spent is also selected.
  9. Select Export on the top right.
  10. Select Export as .csv, and then select Export.
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