Removal of Legacy Assignments Manager - February 11, 2019


On March 29, 2019, we’ll be removing our legacy Assignments Manager from the Hootsuite dashboard.

With declining usage and loss in functionality due to Instagram’s recent API changes, and the upcoming sunsetting of Google+, the benefits of maintaining legacy Assignments Manager no longer outweigh the costs.

At Hootsuite, we’re committed to helping customers manage their social media content as efficiently as possible. In September 2016, we introduced a new Assignments Manager with the following features:

  • A new layout that condenses workflows and is quicker to navigate
  • Time-saving functionality like saved filters and bulk actions
  • Near-instant message refresh (within 2 seconds)
  • Streamlined views of assignment workflow history that provide greater clarity
  • The ability to send messages to apps including Salesforce and Marketo

A majority of customers are now managing their social engagement in the upgraded tool. We strongly recommend that customers still using the legacy Assignments Manager begin moving their teams over now. All your assigned and resolved messages will be available in the new view. For an overview of the new Assignments Manager read the Help Center article.


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