Work with drafts


You can save unfinished posts from the web or mobile Composer, and come back to them later in a new list view of your drafts. Drafts with scheduled dates are also visible in Planner (go to Publisher planner-icon.png, and then select Planner) alongside your other scheduled content. You can plan with confidence by viewing all finished posts, and works in progress, at a glance.

For Team, Business, and Enterprise plan users, drafts can be either personal or collaborative. A draft post with no social account selected remains personal and visible only to its author. A draft with a shared social account selected becomes collaborative, meaning other organization members with access to the social account can see the draft and take action on it.

There is no limit to the number of drafts a user can create, and they don’t expire. However, images attached to drafts expire after 90 days. This is to guarantee the integrity of the image at the time of publishing. When scheduling or publishing a post with an expired image, you are prompted to upload it again to ensure it is properly processed.

Save a draft

A draft can be saved once one element of the post is complete - for example, if there is text in the body, an image attached, or a social account selected.

  1. In the Composer, select the drop-down arrow next to Post Now, and then select Save Draft.

View and resume editing drafts in list view

  1. Go to Publisher .
  2. Select the Content tab above the calendar.
    Drafts with No network assigned to them are your personal drafts. Organization members with access to shared social accounts will see all drafts for those social accounts, who created them, and when.
  3. Hover over a draft and select Edit  to open it and resume crafting the post. You can choose to save the draft again, or publish or schedule the post.

View and resume editing drafts in Planner

  1. Go to Publisher .
  2. Locate the draft on the calendar among your other scheduled content. Drafts are gray and display a Draft icon .
  3. Select the draft to view more details. Select Edit to open it in the Composer, or select More options  to Delete or Duplicate the draft.

Delete or duplicate a draft

  1. Go to Publisher .
  2. Select the Content tab above the calendar.
  3. Hover over the draft, and then select Delete  or Duplicate .

Duplicating a draft copies it into the Composer so you can make edits and build off the original to craft a new post. We recommend making edits right away when duplicating posts, so they become unique. Social networks have strict publishing rules, and often flag identical content as spam. This also makes the duplicate draft easier to identify in your Drafts list.

Transition to new drafts

Looking for your old drafts? Go to the Content tab and select Find them here in the top right to access your old saved drafts.

link to access old saved drafts

Note: In the future, we will be removing the old draft system from Hootsuite, so we encourage you to make the switch now. Old drafts won't be migrated, so take some time to complete and publish those works in progress. Or, copy your old draft content into the new Composer and save your drafts from there.

To get back to the new drafts view, select Drafts in the top left. 

publisher navigation with option to go to new drafts view