Manage your scheduled posts


In the Publisher publisher-icon.png calendar view, you can view all your scheduled content, create new posts, and organize, edit, or delete existing scheduled posts. You can also view scheduled content from the past year.

Overview of Publisher

There are three tabs in Publisher:

Go to Publisher . You'll see that there are three tabs at the top.

Publisher, with the Planner tab selected

    • Planner  - Review and manage your scheduled posts in a weekly calendar view.
    • Content - View the posts that require approval, drafts, and scheduled posts. Here you can also upload messages using the Bulk Composer. For information on drafts, see Work with drafts.
    • Promote - Put advertising spend behind your Facebook or LinkedIn Page posts to promote organic content (see Promote your content).

View your scheduled content

Go to Publisher , and then select Planner.

  • Use the arrows to flip through the weeks.
  • Select Settings and then select from the following options:
    • Condensed view - View all of your content for each day at a glance.
    • Expanded view - View all of your content in its scheduled time slot in the calendar.
    • Sunday or Monday - Choose to start your weeks on either a Sunday or Monday.

Tip: A count of scheduled posts for each calendar day is displayed at the top of each day.
Calendar view showing counts of scheduled messages

  • Use the left navigation to view All Posts or, filter your weekly view by account or content campaign (Enterprise). See Create and manage content campaigns.

      • Your private social accounts appear under Accounts.
      • If you are a Business or Enterprise plan member and a member in several Hootsuite organizations, select the correct one from the list of organizations.

Manage scheduled content

Each post appears as a tile in the calendar. Tiles appear in different colors to reflect their status:

    • Purple  - Scheduled (including AutoSchedule)
    • Green Green check mark icon - Published successfully
    • Red Red exclamation mark icon - Failed to send (to learn more, see Troubleshoot a scheduled post failure)
    • Gray Grey paper icon - Scheduled draft
    • Gray Gray hourglass icon - Expired approval
    • Yellow Orange hourglass icon - Pending approval (approvals are specific to Enterprise plans)

Select a tile to preview the post

  • Select Edit to edit an unpublished post, or approve or reject a pending post
  • Select More options  to delete, duplicate, or turn a scheduled post into a draft.

    Duplicating an existing post copies it so you can quickly make edits and build off the original to create a new post. Hootsuite recommends making edits right away when you duplicate a post, so it becomes unique. Social networks have strict publishing rules and often flag identical content as spam, especially if published within a short time period.
    Important: UTM parameters on links also get duplicated, unless they are dynamic UTMs, so make sure to update these when duplicating posts.

To reschedule a post, select it and drag it to a different time (up to 5-minute increments). To reschedule the post for a time outside of the weekly calendar view, open the post, select Edit, and then edit the time.

Compose new content

Select a time slot in the Planner weekly calendar, and then select New PostPin, or Instagram Story to create and schedule your post.